Cheiro’s Language of the Hand
This new and revised edition of Cheiro’s Language of the Hand, which
has long been accepted as the classic of palmistry, will be very widely
welcomed. It is a complete and practical work, which in addition to a
large number of explanatory illustrations, contains many
photogravure impressions of the hands of outstanding celebrities. It is
a most fascinating volume.
For nearly thirty years Cheiro stood alone among the world’s seers. He
did not confine himself to any one branch of occult study.
Numerology and the stars were each taken into account, but
principally it was the lines of the hand that were responsible for his
uncanny accuracy. His knowledge of palmistry was unequalled, and
the knowledge he gained from many years of careful study and
experience is secure for all time in the simply written, deeply
interesting books which bear his name.