The fascinating kaleidoscope of early cinema
Shikha Vohra, daughter of renowned Indian film music composer Anil
Biswas, weaves an intricate tale around early Indian cinema. It is the love
story of Meherunissa, an actress and Aniruddh, an upcoming composer. Their
union goes through turbulent times as success, fame and glamour bring on
temptation and trouble. The snakes-and-ladders quotients of the film
industry are poignantly depicted in this tale where fame converts people
into larger-than-life characters and throws them into stranger-than fiction
A work of fiction albeit grounded in true experiences that the author has
witnessed owing to her close association with the film industry, this is a
page-turner that will keep you hooked. The narrative revolves around the
tumultous lives of Ramukaka, the faithful family retainer, Inspector Iftikhar,
Constable Jagdishraj and Prannath, the prototypical villain. This is a
blockbuster of epic proportions casting the top stars of Indian  cinema and
showcasing their intertwined real and reel lives, neatly  folded into
paperback with complimentary soda and popcorn.

SHIKHA BISWAS VOHRA has been a freelance journalist  profiling
personalities of cinema, particularly in the music field. She was a defence
service wife and appears in television shows as a film music expert.
She can be contacted at