Starting a business from scratch is a huge undertaking, and even the
best and the brightest have been known to fail - not because they
didn’t have a great product or service, and not because they weren’t
passionately committed, but because they didn’t know a few simple
but essential rules. In How to Start a Business & Ignite Your Life,
world-renowned business consultant Ernesto Sirolli provides the
rules and tools you need to transform your passion into a thriving
Instead of presenting an overly complex management model, Dr.
Sirolli offers an easy-to-follow formula for success that allows you to
discover your strengths while surrounding yourself with people who
have complementary skills. This team  approach,  which  he  calls 
the  Trinity  of  Management, has enabled entrepreneurs all over the
world to start successful business, fostering economic development
and growth in their communities.
As you learn about this simple secret to business success, the book
also allows you to:
Determine your strongest attributes and the area of business in
which they can be best utilized.
Develop a viable business proposal with your business team.
Put together a team of individuals who love to do what you don’t. 
Learn about the myths of entrepreneurship and how hey might
impact your business.

Dr Ernesto Sirolli received a Laurea di Dottore in Political Science
from Rome University and a PhD from Murdoch University in
Perth, Western Australia. For over thirty years, he has worked all
over the world in the field of local economic development. In 1984,
Dr Sirolli pioneered Enterprises Facilitation, a novel approach to
helping people start viable business that has since been
implemented in communities worldwide. He is also the founder of
Sirolli Institute International, a non-profit organization in
California, and the best-selling author of Ripples from the Zambezi:
Passion, Entrepreneurship, and the Rebirth of Local Economies. Dr
Sirolli is a highly sought-after speaker who lectures and trains
individuals, corporations, and communities around the world.