Stress, an everyday companion to most these days, is mostly seen as a
negative tendency that shatters health and shortens one’s lifespan. Yet,
it is also known to stimulate activity and creativity, adding spice and
excitement to life. Most never learn how to harness the powers of this
hidden friend. Helpless to combat rising stress levels, they get hurt,
sometimes fatally!
Distress to De-Stress: A Practical Guide to Stress Free Living talks
about various forms of stress due to urbanization, industrialization,
the explosion of media and information technology, work overload,
changing relationships, and the consequent shift in our thinking,
values and lifestyle. It presents scientifically validated stress
management techniques in a simple format that would lead to a
stress-free, balanced, productive and joyous life.
• Identify the stressors in your life and how you respond to them.
• Analyze the personality factors and coping styles that generate
stress and distress in you.
• Choose and experiment from an array of effective Stress
Management Techniques described.
• Plan out an individualized tailor-made Stress Reduction
Programme to suit your unique problems and capabilities.

Dr. Sujatha D. Sharma (Ph.D.) is a practicing Clinical Psychologist in Delhi. She has worked
with children and their families, youth, couples, and adults with psychological distress and mental
illness for the last three decades. She has a multifaceted background as a clinician,
psychotherapist, researcher, teacher, and trainer; she also contributes to print and electronic
media with scripting Mindwatch and Mann Ki Baat. Her consulting specialities include training
workshops for promoting wellness behaviour, stress management, life skills for children and
parenting; handling relationships and counselling skills.

Dr. Avdesh Sharma (M.D.) is a consultant Psychiatrist practicing for about 30 years in Delhi.
He is the Past President of Indian Association of Private Psychiatry, Indian Psychiatric Society
(N.Z.) and Delhi Psychiatric Society; the Founder, Mind Vision Enterprises; Managing Trustee,
‘RAHAT’ Charitable & Medical Research Trust and Director, Parivartan Center for Mental Health.
He has to his credit more than a thousand appearances in forums for general public and special
groups in India and as many as twenty countries abroad on Stress, Spirituality and Mind-Body
Connection. He has featured in innumerable television programmes related to mental health as
expert and anchor, including Mann Ki Baat, Mindwatch, Mind Your Mind, and Andhi Galiyan.

Dr. Ruchi Varma (Ph.D.) after doing her M.Phil in Medical and Social Psychology from
NIMHANS (Bangalore) and Ph.D. in Psychology from University of Delhi, started her career
as a Clinical Psychologist with a leading Neuro Psychiatrist of Delhi in 1993. She moved on to
the Government Sector in 1998 in a tertiary care centre under the aegis of NCT of Delhi and has
since been practicing there. Besides her clinical practice, she is also involved in teaching and
training. She is the fellow of the Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists and deals in areas
including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Stress Management, among others.