Have you tried diet after diet without shedding kilos? It may not be your
fault. A number of common lifestyle habits and health disorders can actually
put weight on or keep you from losing it. In this revolutionary book, Dr.
Pamela Smith discusses the eighteen most common reasons why you can’t
lose weight, and guides you in overcoming the obstacles that stand between
you and a trimmer body.
Why You Can’t Lose Weight is divided into four parts: the first looks at
lifestyle practices, such as insufficient exercise and sleep; second part
examines health disorders, such as food allergies and thyroid hormone
dysfunction; while the third discusses biochemical problems, such as insulin
resistance and depression. For each difficulty discussed, the author explains
how the problem can be recognized, how it contributes to weight gain, and
how you can take steps towards a slimmer body. The last part guides you in
putting together a customized, easy-to-follow weight loss program.
ü Officers self-tests that help you target the specific problems that
affect you.
ü Pinpoints the symptoms of common disorders and poor lifestyle
ü Guides you in making healthful lifestyle changes for optimal
ü Provides practical advice for overcoming health conditions and
shedding kilos.
ü Suggests proven supplement plans for greater wellness and weight
ü Offers the latest nutritional information for common weight-related
If you’ve been frustrated by one-size-fits-all diet plans, it’s time to learn
what’s really keeping you from reaching your goal. With Why You Can’t Lose
Weight, you’ll discover how to lose weight and enjoy radiant health.
Pamela Wartian Smith,MD,MPH, is a diplomate of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Physicians and director of the Master's Program, Medical Sciences with a concentration in Metabolic and Nutritional, at the University of South Florida College of Medicine. An authority on the subjects of wellness and anti-aging, Dr Smith is also director of the Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative, and Functional Medicine. Currently, she is the owner and director of the Center for Healthy Living, with locations in Michigan and Florida. Dr Smith is also the best-selling author of What you must know about Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs and What you must Know About Women's Hormones.