M.K. Gandhi is seen as one of the most influential and strong political figures
in the history of Indian nation building and freedom struggle. But there is
one side of him that remains hidden to a great extent - his revolutionary
thoughts about religion, its beliefs and spiritual practices.
His writings on these subjects hint at his strong religious roots that, in turn,
served as his strengths to master his own body, wishes and habits.
Mahatma Gandhi: The Man and his Philosophy is a collection of four such
works by Gandhi that allow a glimpse into the spiritual side of him. Prayer
highlights Gandhi’s perception of God and describes the methods of praying.
Book of Prayers is a collection of devotional hymns from diverse faiths like
Hindu, Christian, Jain, Sikh and Muslim traditions. The Way to God underlines
Gandhi’s approach towards the divine and describes in his own words the
power of devotion. Vows and Observances includes the daily routines and
practices undertaken by him and people around him and how it affects the
perspective of an individual towards society, traditions, freedom and
This collection offers an insight into Gandhi’s philosophies that hold the
power to change our way of looking at the physical, emotional and spiritual