“…To be fit for any position a man requires a certain amount of
knowledge or skill. If he does not possess this … he should regard
himself … as incomplete…”
With the rapid movement from manual work to technical and
mechanized setting, the human brain needs a newer gear too. When
thinking, remembering, implementing, impressing and quoting
become inseparable tools for winning, it is time to set the brain diet
Casson has attempted to do just that in this book, which is a complete
manual to unlock the powers of your mind and open the reservoir of
your potential. Use the simple tips to pave your path to success. Build
your brain strong enough to fight all odds and reach the pinnacle of
success, without much ado.

Herbert N. Casson was well known as editor of London-based Efficiency Magazine and has to his credit a plethora of books on business efficiency, self-improvement and practical psychology among others.