Do This. Get Rich! 12 things you can do now to gain financial freedom.
Too many of us think hard work and long hours are the keys to getting ahead - which  is probably what management would like us to think. But Jim Britt has a completely  different take on becoming successful. he knows that it's all about waking up the  aspiring entrepreneur within you. It's about being your own boss and taking control.  And it's about knowing what steps to take and what roadblocks to avoid in order to  achieve true financial freedom.

Do This. Get Rich! is a straightforward guide that offers twelve simple yet powerful  tools for achieving financial success. You will not only gain the skill sets needed  to create, build, and succeed in your own business, but you will win a new sense of  direction and enduring confidence that will guide you toward reaching your most  ambitious goals. You will also have a practical frame-work from which to handle  everyday personal and business challenges, as well as the strategies needed to  develop the "mindset" and "mental toughness" necessary for succeeding in today's  business world.

Coming straight from the horse's mouth, the tools you will find within these pages  work! The rewards for using them are extraordinary. Do This. Get Rich! is not just a  title, but a pledge that the author has made to you-and that you can make to  yourself.
Jim Britt, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and peak performance specialist, is a  seasoned organizational executive, a noted success counsellor, and an internationally  recognized leader in the field of personal-empowerment and business training. Over  the past thirty years, Jim has also served as a peak performance trainer or human  behaviour specialist for hundreds of major companies worldwide, helping employees  reach their true potential, both professionally and personally.