Happiness-a physical or mental state of contentment that makes
one feel satisfied with life; a goal that most of us pursue and
chase each day of our lives.

Pursuit of Happiness: Made Easy is designed as a layman’s
guide to achieving joy at no cost. It brings out the essence of
happiness as defined by Krishna, Gautama, the Buddha, and
by founders of various religions and tells you how to meditate
and control your mind in this pursuit. The author asserts that
we can achieve a happy state of mind in easy steps by
becoming one with nature and by looking at each human
being as a part of ourselves.
The book uses simple, everyday phenomena to highlight them
as means of happiness. It also lays stress on how natural
wonders like the stars, flowers, oceans and birds, among other
things can act as means of achieving everlasting joy and

Rajendra Tandon (b. 1934) holds a Master’s degree in English
literature and a Bachelor’s degree in Law. He served in the Indian
Revenue Service. He has been a student of Sanskrit, Hindi, Punjabi,
Urdu, Mathematics and Physics. Based in Mumbai, he takes a keen
interest in Indian history, Indian miniature paintings, astronomy, fine
arts, Indian and Western classical music, and gardening.
He has to his credit more than eight titles on Sanskrit literature  in
translation with erudite commentary. His books on Homoeopathy have
been bestsellers.