Made Simple is an up to date guide to a system of choice in reproduction that
has been around for thousands of years. It shows women how to recognize
and chart their fertility signs, which indicate when they are infertile and can
have sexual intercourse without conceiving or are most fertile and most
likely to conceive.
It uses 20 illustrations and over 40 charts to explain how to recognize primary
and secondary fertility signs and how to chart these signs, interpret them
and adjust for special circumstances.
Some advantages of natural family planning techniques are:
• They are not physically harmful and avoid the health risks associated
with the Pill and other hormonal drugs.
• They are inexpensive, self-directed and helpful when women are
ready to become pregnant.
• They require the man’s cooperation and a mutual sharing of
responsibility, promote understanding of sexual and emotional needs, and
enhance a couple’s love and respect for each other.
• They can be used by partners with religious concerns about birth
The authors also discuss how these safe, non-invasive techniques can be
combined with other contraception methods. Special examples illustrate
options for women with irregular menstrual cycles, or those who are
breastfeeding. Above all, the book shows how fertility awareness methods
help couples to become more secure in their lovemaking and in control of
their sexual well-being.

Barbara Kass-Annese, has been a leading expert in the field of fertility
awareness and natural family planning for over twenty-five years. She
has directed training programs for family planning instructors throughout
the United States and in Asia, Africa, and Latin America and is currently
Director of Clinical Services at the Center for Health Enhancement at St.
John’s Health Center, Santa Monica, California.

Hal C. Danzer, served as primary investigator for one of the largest
studies ever conducted of Natural Family Planning. He is currently
Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of California, Los
Angeles and also maintains a private practice in which he specializes in
infertility and reproductive endocrinology.