Dos and Don’ts @ Work
Do you feel neglected or ignored by your manager?
Do you feel your bosses do not give you due credit for all your hard
Or you have a feeling that your manager is biased towards others?
Have you ever thought, ‘Only if I knew what to do...’?

If your answer to all these is yes, then my friend, your choice to pick up this
book is right.

Be it your manager, or your manager’s manager...your colleague on your
manager’s collegues, you can now deal with almost anyone in any situation.
That too, smartly.

Manage Your Manager lays down all rules, dos and don’ts that will be
your key to all woes at the workplace. The innumerable instances shared
herein will help you hit the nail on the head

Get set to live your corporate life your way!

Kriti is a woman of spirit. She believes in possibilities and loves to
challenge her own limits by learning something new every day. She holds
a Master’s degree in Business Management and currently is a manager in
a leading MNC in India. Other than cooking stories, she loves to cook
mouth-watering dishes too.